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The Deadline to Register and file claims with the Chinese Drywall Settlement Program was October 25, 2013. The Court instructed the Settlement Administrator to accept Provisional Registration Forms submitted by 10/25/13. If you submitted a complete Provisional Registration Form by 10/25/13, your Registration was accepted.

For all claim types, you will be required to submit evidence that the property contained Chinese Drywall. The best evidence of the presence of Chinese Drywall in the property is a photograph of the back of the drywall that shows the manufacturer or other identifying information. Click here for example photographs of Chinese Drywall. You may also submit photographs showing corrosion of certain wiring and metal objects in the property. Click here to view example photographs of Chinese Drywall corrosion.

You will also be required to submit additional supporting documentation along with your claim form. Click here to view a list of required documents for each claim type. You may continue to submit additional documents after the Claims Submission Deadline, however, documents submitted after the Settlement Administrator begins the review of your claim will not be considered unless they are submitted in response to a Notice from the Settlement Administrator. You may review the status of your claim through your online portal or call the Settlement Administratorā€™s office to determine when your claim is under review.

The parties have approved Chinese Drywall Claims Administration Procedure 2013-6. This Procedure describes several miscellaneous provisions related to Chinese Drywall Claims processing, and includes provisions allowing for additional claim submission for certain claimants. You may view the Claims Administration Procedure by clicking here

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